Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun in the Tub

My little Picasso

Bathtime was a little messy this evening, but so much fun! A friend of ours was telling me that when her kids were little, she used to let them paint with shaving cream in the bathtub. So I thought my kids would love it and they did. They painted the walls, themselves, and each other. It was everywhere! But the best part was that it was easy clean up. Even though it was in their hair and everywhere, it came off so easily. Thanks Therese! So much fun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just the two of us

Jackson and his glowstick. They had glowsticks for when they left the reception. So cute!

Me and my sweet cousins, Kayla and Leslie (the bride)

Jackson ready with his boarding pass. We had to take Shamu on board!

Jackson and I took a trip to North Carolina this past weekend to see my cousin Leslie get married, and it was so much fun to have him to myself for a little while. I decided to take Jackson with me because I didn't know how manageable it would be for me to take Kate in the stage that she is in at the moment. She wants down and to walk around everywhere, and on a plane for 2 1/2 hours, I don't think that's feasible. We also had some trouble getting there because of bad weather in Dallas, which made it an extra long day that I'm glad I didn't put Kate through. Jackson was a trouper!
It was so much fun to see my family that we don't get to see that often and the wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Jackson actually slept (snored) through the wedding, so he was very still;)
Jackson's highlights for the trip were:
*meeting soldiers on their way to Afghanistan (sp?) at the airport
One actually gave Jackson his patch that was velcroed to his uniform.
*Experiencing turbulence on the plane that he thought was so fun. His mommy thought otherwise:/
*renting a car. For some reason, he loved the thought of being in a different car and riding in a different carseat. He kept saying, "mommy, I love this car". "It's so funny".
*swimming in the hotel pool.
*eating wedding cake at the reception! (Who doesn't love wedding cake?)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Vacation!!!

Humor me:) I know it's a lot of pictures, but we did so much and I tried to cram in a little of everything!

Oh yes, it's 1:00am and someone is excited about Sea World! We got to the hotel late Thursday night and we were all wired and ready to play!

Kate was just excited at 1:00am because we all were! She had no idea what was going on, but she was ready to play too!

My favorite reason to stay in a hotel............breakfast in my room!!

Feeding the dolphins! So much fun!

I love this picture of Jackson and the shark! He's such a boy and very much into animals that growl and have sharp teeth;) (Not that a shark growls, but you know what I mean)

Feeding and petting the dolphins.

Our favorite part: Shamu!!! The show was amazing! We went to their first show that day and apparently the whales were not wanting to perform, so the trainers asked us to come back later that day, hoping for a better show. Sure enough, the whales just needed a little warming up to do that day, and they put on an amazing show!

The ultimate souvenir when you go to SeaWorld!!

Kate getting in a little pool time at the hotel.

Jackson being silly as we enjoy our smores we made during one evening of our stay. The hotel had several fire pits out by the pools and offered smores to roast. So much fun!

Swimming at the Lost Lagoon at SeaWorld

Kate all suited up!

A little river walkin while Kate's nappin.

We went to the children's museum in downtown San Antonio. They had a little mini HEB to do some pretend grocery shopping. The kids loved it, and so did we! It was so much fun. After you shopped for your groceries, you can check out at registers. Too cute!

Justin checked Jackson out at the register.

Jackson checking my baggage at the "airport" for my "departure"!

My little Pilot!

And conductor too!

This picture makes me laugh out loud:) Yes, he's milking a cow!

Kate at Schlitterbahn. This was our last stop before heading back to the big "D"!