Saturday, September 20, 2008

Congratulations Ben and Sarah!!!

Waiting among "the question"!
Here comes Ben!
Running to get the ring before Sarah landed.
"Is that for me?"

We're adding another member to our family and we couldn't be more excited! My brother Ben finally proposed to Sarah! We were so honored to be invited to the engagement which was the most exciting engagement I have ever seen! Ben and Sarah recently went skydiving as Ben's birthday present from Sarah, and they loved it so much that Ben decided to propose this way. It started out with Ben and Sarah getting on a plane while we (Justin, me, Jackson, Kate, Brooke, and some of Ben and Sarah's friends) waited in a holding room to run out to the area where they land to lay out the words "will you marry me" made by Ben in his living room with 100 pieces of hot pink poster board. Very creative! Ben jumped first, landed, ran to get the ring from his friend and was waiting for Sarah as she came down saying, "Is that for me"? Her tandem partner replied, "Well it isn't for me"! So much fun and we can't wait to hear all of their plans and for the actual wedding!!! Congratulations Ben and Sarah! We are so excited for the both of you and to have Sarah a part of our family!