Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God is Good

As most of you have heard, I was involved in a car accident last night that I walked away with by the grace of God. First of all, I am so blessed by how much love and prayer I have received. It means more to me than you will ever know and I have truly felt the comfort of your prayers. Many of you have asked for details, so I will do my best to explain what happened.........I was driving Justin's truck because my car didn't have any gas, and I was already late to a girl's night at a dear friends house. So, getting gas, was the last thing I wanted to do. The weather was better than the night before, but still a little icy on bridges. I was going southbound on hwy 121 when I started to cross a bridge between Alma and Custer that I started to "fishtail". I tried to remember what they teach you to do in that situation, but things got out of control and everything I was trying to do to prevent a wreck, wasn't happening. So once I really got out of control, the truck slid and hit the side of the road, and I proceeded to roll down a muddy embankment where they are currently building the 121 toll. I know I rolled more than once because I felt that one time was too many and I remember praying for the car to stop rolling and it felt like an eternity before it came to a stop upside down. I did not black out and I remember thinking I want my family and I am going to live through this. I released myself from the seatbelt and while panicking, I tried to get out of the truck door. It only opened a few inches and I heard voices running down the hill to come and help. One of the voices was the pastor of Fellowship and I am so thankful to him and his graciousness. He and another girl called 911 and he then called Justin to tell him where I was at. By the grace of God, I walked away from that accident, WALKED, with a small scratch on my ankle that I cannot even really see anymore and a little soreness in my neck and shoulders. I went to Medical Center of Plano for precautionary reasons/x-rays, etc.
I have never felt so uplifted by my friends and family who have been praying and know that God had His hand in the whole thing. I pray that those people who kept looking at me and saying "you're so lucky", realize that it was not luck, but grace. I am so blessed to be at home and so thankful for every second of this day to be able to do laundry and wash bottles, pick up toys, talk to my friends and family on the phone, eat food........I could go on and on.

Side note: (kind of funny, you can laugh) The party I was going to required pajamas and house shoes, in which I felt compelled to explain to the firemen, EMS, police, chief battalion, highway patrolmen, etc that I do not normally wear these kinds of clothes when I drive and I think they all thought I was crazy, but it was a fun idea that I hope to do some other day under different circumstances;)