Monday, July 28, 2008

Like Brother Like Sister

Kate at 3 months
Jackson at 3 months. Any resemblance? Maybe a "roll or two";)
The surprised look, which we get a lot. She's my sensitive child.

Kate is now 3 months old already! She is learning new things so fast and changing all the time. She loves to lay on her stomach and push her head up where she can see everything. She loves Jackson and everytime he talks to her, she gives him the biggest smile and coos. She's learning to blow bubbles as we mimick her, which she gets a kick out of. People keep telling me she has red hair. I'm not sure what gene that came from. We know no one in our families that have red hair. I think it's just a transition from her darker hair to lighter hair. Who knows.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Little Missionary in Training

So Justin is getting ready for a medical mission trip to Guatemala next week with the young marrieds in our church. I know what you're thinking and no, Justin will not be performing any medical procedures on any Guatemalans, only a video camera. He will be, however, building stoves for people who live there and need them as their way of living and working. Anyway, Justin had to leave this afternoon to go video and help with packing tubs of medical supplies with the Serving Him group to prepare for their trip. Jackson asked where Daddy was going and I proceeded to explain that Justin was going to a place called Guatemala where he was going to tell people about Jesus and he needed to go and help get ready for his trip. Jackson replied, "I want to go with Daddy and see Jesus." My heart melted.

Be praying for Justin and the Prestonwood young marrieds as they leave Sunday for their trip. Jackson, Kate and I will be going to Lufkin to stay with my parents while taking a little mini vacation to Galveston. I'm sad Justin won't be there, but we look forward to seeing him when he gets home and hearing what he accomplished!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

National Cow Day!

My little Moo Cows.

July 11 was National Cow Day at ChickfilA. They were celebrating CFA's birthday, so in honor of the greatest fast food restaurant, Jackson and Kate dressed like cows for free food! We met the Russ crew and Amy and Lily Glenn to celebrate. All of the kiddos were dressed so cute in their black and white spots. There was birthday cake too! Jackson loved the cow mascots walking around to the tables as everyone was eating. He kept giving high fives and hugs to them. Although he kept calling one of them a 'goat'. I guess we're saving the goats too along with cows with all of the chicken we eat from there;)

Such a fun day! Happy Birthday ChickfilA!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th!

Having some fun pool time at the Pedersons!
Cousin Savannah doing her acrobatics.

Sydney and Carson
So Independent.

Maddox swimming with his broken arm all wrapped up.
Kate cuddling with Sarah.

Uncle Stephen taking Jackson fishing.
"Look Daddy".

Uncle Ben and Jackson playing some soccer with the beach ball.
Our cousins, Joel, Jennifer and Baby Ayden.

Daddy and Kate watching the fireworks in the sprinkles.
Jackson narrated the fireworks show for us and everyone around us. "Oh, did you see that", "Woah, that was a big one", and "So colorful."
Kate in her "4th" outfit. (We're missing some red.)
Jackson all suited up and ready to swim.
Mommy and Kate

Fun at Celebrate Freedom

Sarah and Kate in their red, white and blue.
Ben and Jackson in their red and blue.

Our July 4th has been quite the celebration with lots of family. We were invited to the Pizza Hut park Verizon Club for Celebrate Freedom for a dinner buffet, which we enjoyed while under a severe thunderstorm warning. They canceled the concerts and fireworks, while packing the whole stadium in this room that exceeded the fire code. We still enjoyed the dinner with Ben and Sarah and the comedian from the middle east (pretty funny). The comedian did his show about life in America as himself post 911.

On July 4th, we spent the day at the Pedersons for BBQ and swimming. We had so much fun! The kids were so exhausted when we got home, they went straight to bed for the night.

Jackson spent an evening with Uncle Stephen fishing at the ponds by our house. He loved being with Stephen and watching and helping him catch a lot of fish with worms. He's such a boy!

Finally, on Saturday night, Ben, Sarah, Stephen and our cousins Joel, Jennifer and Baby Ayden came over for some dinner and to hang out.