Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Muddy Patch

So the pumpkin patch was more like a "muddy patch" this year. This was our tracks through the mud on the hayride. We slid through it rather than rode through it! The kids didn't care and we managed to get some cute pics in the pumpkins:) showing off his muscles

"Where did Jackson go? oh yeah, he's on the big, green tractor" I think a career as a farmer is in his future;) He just can't get enough!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Family Fun! And more to come:)

If you know Jackson at all, you know he's in heaven when he's on his big green tractor:)
This is at the state fair. They have an area that teaches kids what it's like to farm, including feeding the animals, collecting the eggs from the chickens, picking fruit off the trees, planting seeds in a garden and pulling the vegetables, driving the tractor to feed the cows, milking a cow, and finishing it all off by taking the "fruits of their labor" to the market. Then they receive pretend money to take to a store to buy a snack. Super cute! And the kids loved it!
Mr. Big Tex, as Jackson calls him.

On the farm.

Feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs.

Petting Farm

Yes, that's a buffalo. It's not everyday you feed one of these;)
Riding the Dart to Fair Park. I said I would never do this again from a previous experience, but I did.
Jackson dancing at the Balloon Festival

The next 4 pics are of us attempting to take a picture of me and the kids. As you can see, it's not easy trying to get all of us to smile or at least look at the camera at the same time.

Jackson studying very intently on the evenings events.

This picture of Kate makes me laugh out loud. When you tell her to "say cheese", she (usually) makes this face. Hilarious!

Just a cute pic of Kate eating dinner.
And another pic I love.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where to begin.....?

Kate being silly!

Don't worry, there is not any electricity going to this outlet. They were helping Justin and he was overseeing this project:/

Jackson helping Mommy paint his room

The first box to be moved. All smiles and little did we know the massive project ahead of us.

The new house!

Jackson's room! The only room complete in the whole house except for that white spot in the corner I still need to paint.

I know, it's been forever since we posted last! We have been a busy little family, to say the least. And by busy, I mean, moving. It's a long process, crazy process, but we are so excited to be in the new house. As Jackson put it, "Mommy, I love our new house". "It's amazing!" Can't get enough of that boy;)
We sold the house on Hazelwood in no time and quickly had to find a house to move into! Talk about pressure! When you're looking for a house that is going to accomodate your family for hopefully a looooong time, or as Justin says, "the next place we're moving is the nursing home", it takes a lot of thinking and praying! We had some time in between closing on the old house and moving into our new one because it needed a little work before moving in, so Stephen and Brooke were ever so gracious to allow us to move in with them for a few weeks. We can't thank them enough for opening up their home to us!
When I first saw our new house, not knowing it was going to be our new house, it wasn't love at first sight. My first thoughts were, "No way, am I going to live here". "Next house please." It was sooooo dirty, weeds in the beds (but if you know me, I'm not a huge yard person, so I dont' know why the weeds bothered me so bad), and apparently a HUGE dog lived in this house that had free reign over wherever he decided to use the restroom and his chew toys were every blind and corner of the house you could think of. Justin fell in love with the backyard and wanted to make an offer immediately. What!? Oh and you need to make your decision now, because there's another offer on this house. It was a short-sale. Long story short, we made an offer after A LOT of discussion, and a second showing with some friends to give me some vision, because I was totally blind on the first showing. I couldn't see beyond the dirt and pee. Can you blame me?
Now we looooooove it! It's feeling like home everyday that we're here! Boxes are unpacked, but things are going to take awhile to be put in its place. And of course, we'd love a new this and a new that, but in time it will all come together!
A HUGE thank you to my parents for helping us move and to my mom, who basically organized my whole kitchen and cleaned a refrigerator that I was going to throw away, that now looks brand new and amazing;) Thank you Matt for helping us with the heavy stuff on both moves into and out of storage:) Thank you Jenn for giving me some decor vision and helping us get settled! Tara, the housewarming cake was INCREDIBLE! If you've never had Sopapilla Cheesecake, you're missing out. Let me know and I'll make you one. You must try this cake! And a huge thank you to Jennifer for watching my kiddos while we went looking for houses. Huge help! We would probably still be looking for houses if my kids went with us. I had to be able to think without chasing one and redirecting the other;) And last, but certainly not least, we wouldn't be in this house without her, our awesome realtor, Lindsay Craig! She is the realtor of all realtors!! Thank you Lindsay!
We'd love for any and everyone to come by! Can't wait to share our home with friends and family!
Moving is hard..................but we're so thankful we did! We are blessed.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15