Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm this morning with the Russ family. We had so much fun feeding the farm animals, taking countless pictures in the pumpkins and riding the hay ride. Jackson loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cowboy Fan

Yesterday we went to the bank just to meet Terence Newman, the cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys. He was signing autographs as marketing for this branch. Before he came to the table to sign, we were waiting in line with Jackson. The only way we could keep him in line with us was with a tootsie roll pop they had at the bank. He had it all over him, but we didn't care as long as he stayed with us. Bribery is okay when you're trying to keep your kid safe, right? Anyway, as we were waiting, Jackson broke out into a dance from the music playing in which Terence joined in when he came back to the table to sign. Very cute. Once we reached the table for an autograph, we asked to take a picture with Jackson and Terence. I warned Terence that Jackson was sticky from the candy. He then asked, "Did you say stinky or sticky"? Embarrassingly, I answered sticky. I hope he would not think that I would put my stinky baby up next to him.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Little Peanut

Friday was our first doctor's appointment and we finally got to see our little peanut. I was 9 weeks and the baby is an inch long. I find myself comparing objects to its size, like grapes, coins, etc. Whatever I come across that is an inch long. It's so crazy to think that little blob with a heartbeat we were seeing is going to be a baby at home with us in no time. We could see little nubs where its arms and legs are growing and a little bit of squirming around. That made me laugh a little. The due date is May 3, but he/she will be here around the last week of April because of having a c-section.

When we ask Jackson where the baby is, he proceeds to lift up Mommy's shirt and point to her belly. A little awkward when someone asks in public;)