Saturday, January 3, 2009

Never say Never!

Yes, I was one of those who said, "I will never have a minivan no matter how many kids I have". Well, I was wrong. Up until about 3 months ago, I was totally against ever owning something "so culturally unacceptable" especially at my age. Well, making trips to Lufkin and wherever else with diaper bags, carseats, luggage, gifts, strollers, pack n play, etc........I was about to go crazy not having enough space in the equinox. The more I joked about having the mv, the more I started wanting one. I hated that I even "wanted" one. Then it really grew on me and we started seriously looking at them. Then I rolled Justin's truck and now Justin jokes that it was a conspiracy to buy the mv. Well, I must admit, I absolutely LOVE it! Everytime we go somewhere in it, Jackson says, "I love this minivan". He's been telling random people about how much he loves this minivan like the cashiers at Target, people in ChickfilA, you know, the places us Mom's go during the week. So, I've decided that it's time to "bring the minivan back". My husband says, I should say, "it's time to make the minivan cool, because the minivan was never here". My friend Julie said they are coming back and her husband responded with, "no, we're just getting older." I like to think I'm still cool in the mv;) ...........Kouba's, you're going to love it!!!

Christmas this year

Mommy's Christmas present!

What a blast! I think we had the best Christmas ever this year! Jackson was so much fun and really anticipated everything that was going to happen. We put reindeer food out for the reindeer, cookies and milk for santa and then put the kids to bed. Just as Jackson was "tucked in" for the night, we heard loud stomping on the roof. Jackson's face was priceless. And his dramatic response was "Santa's here"! "Lets go see him"!!! I just told him if we went to see him, then he might go away. (What else do you say). Anyway, Santa left Jackson a note thanking him for his yummy cookies, and the biggest tractor a 2 year old ever wanted. He was excited about every moment and then excited about going to the grandparents as well for more Christmas fun! Kate enjoyed her first Christmas chewing as much wrapping paper as she could army crawl her way to. Everytime I turned away, she was gagging on a piece stuck in her mouth. Jackson is enjoying her toys as well;)