Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Buds

The Wolverines

Action shot
Jackson and his friend Ryan Rogers

Having a little bible study with the other team before the game starts

A few practice shots before the game starts.

I love how he's getting his head start.

Today was Jackson's first soccer game day! He had so much fun and really went after the ball in whatever direction;) He even scored the first goal.................................for the other team! Hey, a goal is a goal when you're 4, right?
When asked what his favorite part of the game was, he said when all the parents made a tunnel at the end of the game and they ran through it. Ha! So fun!
Uncle Stephen, Aunt B and cousin Gavin came to watch! Thanks for coming to cheer our little man on!

Snow Day

Kate wasn't crazy about the snow at first, but eventually she "warmed" up to it. This picture is of me trying to take a picture while she is trying to get me to pick her back up.

These are pictures from our "record snowfall" in North Texas! We had so much fun building multiple snowmen, one of which took a week to melt because it was so big!

Gettin Messy

The kids got a new craft table from my long hours at pottery barn kids. They love it! They are

always painting, coloring, etc. When we're actually at home during the week, we find ourselves working on fun crafts especially since it's been so cold outside!