Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ready for a day of VBS!

This is a pic of all the 2nd cousins, and about 6 of them are not there. Yes, I'm the oldest, and I'm holding the youngest.This is most of the Dunkins. Some of them had already left, so we didn't get everybody.

Burgers Lake Reunion

Kate doing what she does best. Snacking and making sure Gavin gets some too!

So this was our attempt at making red, white and blue rice "christmas trees" (as Jackson calls them), but when you mix those colors get purple rice "christmas trees":)

Jackson ready to cook. Kate is more interested in a snack;)

Hanging out at Watters Creek. We love to get ice cream and listen to the bands play while we sit on the green.

Justin running through the sprinklers with Kate and Jackson

Wow! It's summertime and things are busy! I have a lot to post, so get ready!

Besides, swimming, swimming lessons, and more swimming, the McAdams have hit the ground running in June. Aside from 1st trimester "yuckies", we haven't stopped. We started the month off with a Dunkin (my mom's side of the family) family reunion at Burgers Lake in Ft. Worth. I believe we had around 46 people there, all family. It was such a fun place to do something like this and the kids LOVED it! They had diving boards scattered throughout this little lake, with slides and a trapeze with sandy beaches! Which is as close to a beach as we're going to get this year;)

This week has been super busy with Vacation bible school and swimming lessons! VBS is going really well. Jackson and Kate are loving it and can't wait to go back everyday! I am helping out with Kindergarteners and it has turned out to be a great class with some awesome help! We come home and crash, and then off to swim lessons for Jackson. In just 2 days, Jackson is swimming underwater to us in the pool! He is so proud of himself and I can't wait to post some pics! It's unbelieveable to me for some reason that he can do this. It was definitley beneficial for us to have someone else teach him this. His "show off" day is Friday, so we will have video and camera in hand.

Finally, Saturday, @ 2:00am:/ we will head down to Houston to fly out to Estes Park Colorado, and could not be more excited!!! I know, 2:00 am, but we just couldn't pass up an awesome deal on plane tickets and we're meeting my parents there as well. 40 degrees in the morning and 70's in the day time, here we come! I can't stop thinking about it, as we suffer in this 100+ heat index! Estes Park is a traditional vacation spot for our family, at least every 5 years or so! There will be 23 of us going! Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents!! We've never been with our kiddos, so we're super excited about taking them to see the Rocky Mountains, and if I say so myself, one of God's most incredible creations! Yes, shopping malls, wall to wall houses, and busy interstates are great too, but there's something about 14,000 ft peaks with snow in the summertime, and the most incredible sights ever! Pics to post very soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From 4 to 5

Yep! Our family is now expanding from 4 to 5 and we are so excited! Jackson and Kate, if you haven't talked to them yet, will be the first to let you know;) They are very excited about the baby "growing in mommy's tummy"! Jackson knows that the baby will be here around Christmas time and keeps reminding us of when he/she will be born! I hope to have all my Christmas shopping done early, because who knows how up to shopping I'll be in Nov and Dec;) Although J & K keep me on my toes and I'm sure they'll continue to do so until I reach that hospital bed;)
People often ask what we prefer, boy or girl? Since we have 1 of each (and because we don't really have a say), we think either will be great! We have reasons for having either; a girl because it would be fun for Kate to have a sister so close, but then a boy sounds great too, because it might help with "middle child syndrome", as they call it, having Kate as the only girl! Whatever we're supposed to have is what we'll be excited about!
Are we having more?????...................This will be 3rd and final, unless the Lord has other plans!