Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congratulations Ben and Sarah!!!!

I realize this is almost the same picture, but he was just so cute, I couldn't help myself.
The cutest ringbearer

Jackson giving little Gavin a few kisses before the wedding

The ringbearer

My baby brother

Jackson and Sarah

Ready to get married!!

Jackson and Kate playing in the bridal suite before the wedding.

Poppa and Jackson sneaking a peek at the cakes before the wedding

Ben and Sarah getting instructions from Pawpaw (the pastor) at the rehearsal

Nanna and Kate

The sisters! Getting ready.

Jackson and Sarah

Ben and Sarah were finally married this weekend and it was such a beautiful and fun wedding! I can't believe my baby brother is married. Much to my surprise, I was quite emotional. I guess that's because I'm his big sister and I still see him as my little brother to take care of, but now he has a wife to do just that. We love Sarah so much and we pray the best for their marriage. We had family from all over in that we spent some time with over the whole weekend! It's so much fun to see everybody.
I took pictures, but I wasn't the best photographer. I guess that's why you hire one;) I got some of the rehearsal, pre-wedding and from there, I didn't get any. I guess I was busy as a bridesmaid and mommy at the same time. I'll post more as I get them. I do have to brag on my little boy, the ringbearer. I wish everyone could have seen how precious he was and how well he did in the ceremony. He walked all the way down the isle while staring at his pillow and no one else. He never looked up until he got to Justin. Pre-cious!
..................At the moment, Ben and Sarah are out in the middle of the carribbean soaking up some sun! Ahhhh! (I'm a little jealous;)

Mother's Day Teas

Mommy and Kate

Jackson and his buddies, Drew and Cooper

Mommy and Jackson

Getting ready to sing for the Mommies!

Jackson and Kate both had mother's day teas in their classes at clc. I felt so honored to be a part. In Jackson's class, they sang Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E, and recited the Lord's prayer. Precious! I wish I had video of it. (Next year;)
In other news in our family, Kate is walking!!! We are so proud;)