Monday, February 16, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day!

I couldn't pass up posting these pics. Just some cute blog filler;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Kate and Nanna getting a few jumps in

Cooper jumping on the trampoline

Caroline, Jackson and Brinley enjoying some food


The Birthday Boys

Jackson on the balance beam with his daddy and his 9 months pregnant, Aunt B

Best Buds!

Jackson turned 3 on January 20th (and yes, I'm just now behind). We celebrated with a birthday party with our friend Mason who turned 4 in February. They had a blast and loved celebrating together at a gym where the kids (and adults) played freely on the trampolines, bounce house, foam pit, rings, etc.
I say it every year, but I can't believe he's 3. As a mom, I become so sad when I think he was that little newborn in my arms just 3 years ago. He is such a boy and loves his boy toys; tractors, trains, sandboxes, tools, etc. Now he is such a great big brother to Kate, who already looks up to him and laughs at the drop of a hat for him. I love when he asks her, "Kate, you want to come play with me?" And she usually responds by crawling to wherever it is he wants her to come crawl to. I love when he talks about friends he plays with at school and what he learned at clc or sunday school. I love when he quotes the Lords prayer ( I have got to get this one on video) and the fruits of the spirit or any scripture for that matter. I pray that the older he gets, the more he falls in love with the Lord and His will for his life.

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!