Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All smiles!

I did it! I finally got some pictures with smiles. She was smiling like crazy at Justin saying "boo" and I got several. We had her 2 month check up today and she's doing great! She was all smiles at the doctor too until we had to have FOUR SHOTS and a drink of rota virus medicine. I've never seen her cry so much. I cried too. I couldn't help it. Seeing your baby in so much pain is not fun. Praise the Lord she's healthy! I don't know what I would do if I had to take her to the doctor more than I have to already. I'm sure she'll be up to smiling more later, so until then, she's sleeping with a good dose of tylenol.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Daddy! We love you so much!
Justin is one of the greatest dad's ever. He's always playing with one of the kids whenever he's home and always volunteers to watch them while I go run an errand or two. He works all day and then comes home to the three of us and doesn't stop. I couldn't ask for a better father to my babies than Justin.
Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Justin's Dad too!

Swimming at the neighorhood pool

Justin getting an arm workout.
Kate getting her feet wet.
Thanks to floaties and life jackets, Jackson is becoming a little more independent in the pool!

Justin and our cousin Sydney playing tea party under water. Jackson preferred an aerial view.
Cousin Brian shading little Kate from the sun.

We've been to the pool a lot this summer, but only when Justin can go with us. I'm not ready to take a 2 year old and a 2 month old to the pool by myself yet. Usually it's Justin in the pool with Jackson, and Kate and me in the shade taking a little nap. We get Kate in just to get wet, but right back in the shade where she likes it.

I'm 2 months old!

Kate is now 2 months old and growing so fast. We can't get enough of her! She's really responding to us now with lots of smiles and shrills. She tries so hard to make all kinds of sounds. This picture is the only picture I've gotten with a little smile. It's so hard to catch because they're so quick. We go to the doctor this week for our 2 month check up. I love seeing how she's growing, but I hate that she has to have all those shots. At least we won't ever be sick with polio;)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Jackson loves swimming! Now that Kate is here, we are spending a lot of time in the backyard! Getting two kids out and about is something we're all getting used to.

I'm 6 weeks old!

6 weeks seems like such a milestone in an infant's life. We're already moving up in diaper sizes (as you can see from her healthy little arms), trying to push up during tummy time, giving us smiles here and there in response to us rather than randomly, and best of all, sleeping longer stretches at night!!! For the last few nights, Kate has been waking up once for a feeding and right back to sleep. I couldn't ask for more right now. She tries really hard to coo at us and we're loving every minute of it! Jackson is doing well with her and still wants to love and cuddle her, although for very short intervels. I do wish I could freeze time though. She and Jackson are, as they say, "growing WAY TOO FAST". I wish they were the way the are now forever, although I know there is more to enjoy as they do get older. So bittersweet.