Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Little Punkins

The Hayride

Jackson and his friend Lily Glenn
Amy, Nick and Lily Glenn
It was another fun, fun trip to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm this year! Jackson loves to feed the farm animals. I love getting pictures in the pumpkins of my little 'punkins'. Although, getting two kids to smile at the same time and making eye contact with the camera is almost impossible. Jackson was only interested in feeding the animals, while Kate was distracted by anything that moves. We had a blast with the Glenn family!
Happy Fall Everyone!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Long

I am happy to announce I am going to be an Aunt for the first time and it's a boy!!! My brother Stephen and my sister-in-law Brooke found out today that they are having a boy! His name is Gavin Nicholas and he is supposed to make his debut around the first of March. We can't wait to meet him and I cannot wait to be an aunt and for Jackson and Kate to meet their first cousin! Congratulations Stephen and Brooke!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kate's Dedication

Last Sunday, we had the priveledge of dedicating Kate to our Lord and Saviour at our church in the presence of our family and church family. In doing this, we have made a commitment to God to teach her throughout her life, with His guidance, about His love and saving grace. And to model our lives in a Christ-like manner that is pleasing to Him and glorifies His name in everything that we do and say, so that we may further His Kingdom. 3 John 1:4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." Our prayer is that Kate will one day soon choose to accept Jesus as Lord of her life and will walk in the truth, so that He will have no greater joy.

Festivals and More Festivals

State Fair
Jackson and this camel are having a staring contest.
Plano Balloon Festival

Kate enjoying the festival!

It always seems like once Fall hits, it's Festival time. Balloon festivals, State Fair, Fall festivals, etc. Lots of fun family time! We do like to try and make it to all of them on our free weekends. Jackson is at such a fun age and really enjoys the ones we go to and we love to hear the word "festi-bal" as part of his vocabulary. We have also decided if you want to know our family on a personal level, just ask Jackson. He tells it all just like it is at our house. Today, when Justin picked him up from his Sunday school class, the teacher proceeds to tell Justin that Jackson was "ironing" in the home center and the teacher asked him if he was ironing like Mommy does. Jackson replied, "No, I'm ironing like Daddy." It's so true. I wish I was better at that job, but as Jackson has observed, apparently, Justin is the one who does the ironing in our house.

Yum, Yum!

5 months old and we're trying cereal. Most of it ends up on Kate, myself or the bumbo, but she's trying. Kate started sleeping through the night pretty early on, but randomly started waking again recently, so our pediatrician said to try some cereal and it actually worked, or it was definitely coincidental! It's a wonderful thing when your baby sleeps through the night.