Friday, August 29, 2008

Time is flying

Kate is now 4 months old and so much fun! I love this stage! She's so squishy and lovey and smiles all the time even at strangers. She's rolling over both ways and loves tummy time. Everything you hand her or is in her reach goes straight to her mouth. Slobber, slobber everywhere! She has that look in her eyes that she wants our food so bad and really studies Jackson playing. You can almost read her face trying to get to things or wanting to play with Jackson. We love her funny faces!

Did I mention I loooooooove my kids?

Every night we have a bedtime routine of bathing, pajamas and then Jackson picks out a book for us to read and a Bible story. It's one of my most favorite times of the day! Kate lays in bed with us and she listens too! Anyway, this particular night, we were done reading and Justin and I were talking about stuff aside of what the kids were doing and when weren't paying attention, we looked over and Jackson and Kate were cuddling. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen as their Mommy. Kate didn't even look like she was all that comfortable, but Jackson just held her and didn't let go for several minutes and she let him without fussing. He would just look at her and pat her back and stroke her hair. Sooooooooo sweet! It was definitley a moment for me that I was wishing would have lasted forever. Justin ran to get the camera and just kept snapping away. I love my kids so much! We are so blessed to have so much love in our family! I just hope they stay that close forever. (sidenote: we finally got rid of the paci. we "left it" at home when we went to Nanna and Poppa's. It worked! We're pottytrained and paci-less. The baby days are left to Kate)

The Wiggles

Caroline trying to get a sip of Karen's drink.

Lots of dancing!
Karen and I turned around at one point during the drive home and this is what we saw. So cute!

Karen and Caroline Davis asked Jackson and I to go see the Wiggles in concert! It was a date! Jackson had a blast dancing with Caroline in the isle and singing along to the songs while snacking on one of Jackson's favorite snacks, popcorn. It was our first experience with a live concert for Jackson and he did rather well. There was a lot to see and it was very entertaining, although a little chaotic with kids and their parents everywhere. Funny to watch;)