Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm 2!

Aunt B and Kate

Kate checking out her new chair with cousin "Gadi" (aka Gavin)
Jackson brought his chair down to sit with Kate;)

Kate opening her card from Nanna and Poppa while we are skyping with them!

New clips from Aunt B

Totally mesmorized by her candles!

I love how Kate is eyeing her cake and not the camera! Gotta love it!

Having a little chick fil a and cupcakes at the mall

Jackson and Kate checking out the money in the fountain

Kate Elizabeth turned 2 on April 20th! We celebrated by having a few friends meet us at the mall for lunch and play, we had a family party at home and then she and Jackson went to Lufkin with the Grandparents for a long weekend and celebrated once again with them! We like to drag out our celebrations as long as possible;) We love birthdays!!
And as I say every year, I can't believe she's growing so fast! Has it really been 2 years since she was born!? She is so much fun and we absolutely are in love with this sweet girl!
Kate is talking so much and having conversations with us! Sometimes we don't understand everything she's saying, but we go right along with it;) Kate loves to play and be silly with her big brother Jackson, but occassionally (well maybe "often") is very vocal about getting her way when he's involved. But she loves to learn from him and they truly are best buds at this stage in life! I pray that only deepens as they get older.
She loves to sing and requests specific songs when in the car. I love that I have a child who loves to sing. I love to sing too, although she often asks me not to sing with her;) Justin and Jackson do not have this same love, so at least she does!
We can't wait to see the things she learns and discovers this year! We pray that she will learn to love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, strength and mind and that she will only seek the desires of Him and obedience to Him throughout her life. We love you Kay Kay!


Rogers Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kate. I love the family picture that she is looking at her cake. SO CUTE!!

Olson Family said...

She is getting to be so grown up! What a beautiful girl! And I'm guessing her talented momma made her cake?!?! SO CUTE.