Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day Teas

Kate's clc BFF, Mary Kate
Kate's precious teachers and very dear friends!

Making our craft together
Jackson and his buddy Cooper

Getting ready to serve the mommies some fruit salad he helped make!

A little late, as usual, but better late than never;)
Both Jackson and Kate had Mother's day teas in their classes at clc! They were both so sweet and it was so much fun to spend time with them in their classes. They both love clc and their precious teachers!
In Jackson's class, they recited Psalm 139 with hand motions and sang a couple of songs. They wore aprons and served all the mommies "tea food" and gave us sweet homemade gifts that we will keep forever!
Kate's class had a craft for us to make together along with the sweetest little scrapbook of pictures of them throughout the year that will be treasured forever as well! We ate some snacks together and I loved watching her with her little friends she talks about daily. "Mar Kate" (Mary Kate), "Emme", "Hailey", "Audee" (Audrey) name a few!
In other news, we're enjoying some time in the freezing pool and windy days at the park! It's almost summertime and we couldn't be more excited to get outside after a very wintry winter!

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